Friday, September 21, 2012

My Students are Geniuses.

We wrote these "found" poems together as a class. I was amazed by my students' talent.

Three girls laughing
in bright colored dresses
Jewelry jingling,
plastic bags crinkling,
cars going,
elephants roaring.
The happiness,
the love,
the spice
of India.

"The Owl"
The coolness of
morning fog
crickets cricking
pine needles poking
a birch tree branch --
silent wings flapping
white and brown silk
the warmness of his stomach
yellow eyes.

"Whale Song"
Sunny dady
salty sea water splashing
waves of water -- wet.
A whale breaching
excited, happy, hungry.
playful, free, energetic --
Whale song.

Water seeping in the dirt
Rotting flesh. Rat feces.
Screaming shouts of cursing men
The sky reflects their mood.
Eyes down-cast.
Boots squish with every step
A comrad being carried --
the boy's body: barely breathing.
Injured or dead?
Sweat on my lips,
dirt on my teeth,
blood on my tongue.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How to Make a Sandwich

  1. First, move to New York City from Yugoslovia.
  2. Learn English by watching daytime soap operas.
  3. Meet an Elementary school teacher named Suzy in Central Park. Use soap opera vocabulary to woo Suzy into a quick, green-card-grabbing wedding.
  4. Identify hunger.
  5. Yell out, "Suzy, make me a sandwich!" Preferably while watching your soaps, wearing a wifebeater undershirt, and drinking a cheap beer.
  6. Wait patiently for sandwich to be prepared.
  7. Enjoy sandwich!