Friday, February 26, 2010

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

They keep on telling us, "Life is a test."

And they're probably right. Except, life is usually approximately 70 years long, and we're all given different forms. I have form "Heidi," and you have form "Your name," and they're all different, except that they test approximately the same material:

1. How well do you make important decisions?
2. How well do you treat those around you?
3. Can you learn from your mistakes?
4. Do you learn from the mistakes of others?
5. Are you able to sacrifice for the good of others?

Of course like any other test, there are those who pass, and those who fail. Sometimes we refuse to see that option, to see that some of us fail, and we may possibly fail, too. We don't want to fail. But some of us do. It's avoidable, if we only employ some good test-taking strategies:

1. Sometimes I take a test from the back to the front.
IE: Benjamin Button.

2. Sometimes I skip parts, and go back later.
IE: Old people's "second childhood?" Do you think that the great depression was much of a childhood? They skipped that part, and then went back to it.

3. Use the process of elimination on multiple choice questions.
IE: Scarlett O'Hara. Couldn't marry Ashley, so she married his cousin instead. Perfect!

4. When you're taking a really long test, sometimes it's helpful to take a little break from it somewhere in the middle.
IE: Midlife crisis, anyone?

5. Cheat. Just copy someone else's answers.