Friday, November 25, 2011

Goblin Valley

Jordan and I spontaneously decided to go to Goblin Valley a few Saturdays ago.
Gassing up!
When we went over this one pass, there was torrential snow storm. We were about to turn around and go back when suddenly, it stopped! We stopped and took a picture behind us (above) in which you can see the raging snow, and another in front of us (below), in which you can see sun and completely clear skies. Amazing!

...and the sky just got bluer....
We felt like tourists in the state we both have lived in for years: "Utah" in Provo is NOT the same as "Utah" like this!
Doesn't it look like every Star Trek "away mission" ever?

It was windy.... just look at his hair! (but don't look at mine!)
We saw cowboys! (but we didn't get a picture). They were real, live cowboys!
Almost to Green River, our final destination.
We found a melon stand. Water melons for $1? Yes, please!
This melon stand was established in memory of Jace Vetere, a high school senior who died in a tragic motorcycle accident.
We ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner at different diners. It was a lot of fun!
Lunch diner...
These people love melons.

At Denny's for dinner!
Jordan couldn't finish his pancakes, so he tried to hide the leftover bits of the first pancake underneath the totally untouched second pancake. I don't think it worked...

Goblin valley! When we got there, the park ranger told us that we could walk anywhere in the valley, climb the goblins, whatever we wanted! So we did. What a cool place!

These goblins were so weird. Love it.
It sort of felt like being in a science fiction movie.

Can you see the Goblin faces?
We had a very fun day, full of adventure and photography. This sunset looks pretty, doesn't it?