Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Evolution of a Photo.

This is the "Final Product," so far.

One step behind....

Just trying to find the sublime cropping. I used to be such a purist- HA!

I wonder what black and white would look like? This one is another photo I took about the same time. I think it looks better as a whole black and white- especially Naomi's face compared to the other children's. It also has a color enhancement, it sort of makes the sun look REALLY bright. I sort of like it, but I like what I did later better.

Here's the original, "untouched" photo.

This photo was originally taken with my 3-year-old, 6.0 mega pixel cyber-shot camera. I decided that it would look better in black and white. Then, I saw that I really liked the two sisters' faces, and there was room to frame them right. Then I wanted better contrast. When I was in high school doing dark room black and white photography, one goal I had was to have a true white and a true black in each photo. So that's why I amped up the contrast, and I like it.
I also like the light right around Brynn's chin. I didn't plan for that, it just came out.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Small Things

I went to the temple the other day, and after taking stalker-type pictures of someone else's two adorable children, I took some ridiculously nerdy pictures of small things.

Like this yellow flower.

I've been oddly fascinated with bugs lately. I really wanted to get some good bee pictures to add to my collection.

I liked how this flower became abstract up close. I felt like Georgia O'Keefe.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Killers

This summer, I happened to have a Delta flight from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Salt Lake City, Utah. There was no in flight movie, so I first contented myself with watching the five stations of TV available. However, I soon found the music on the Delta kiosk more enjoyable, and stumbled upon this album: the killers, day and age.

I wasn't sure if my ardent love for this album was born of the extreme boredom I was experiencing when it blossomed into my life, or if it were genuine virtuosity that impressed me. Imagine, then, my trepidation when opening the cd package(I don't think I've bought a cd since high school), and put it in the player. I pressed play. The sound began to reverberate from the machine, and I was genuinely relieved. Apparently, I love the Killers.