Friday, November 6, 2009

A Letter to Three Wives

I recently watched this movie with my roommate, Maren.

Here's what happens: three neighborhood friends are out helping with a riverboat/picnic day for the schoolkids. Just before embarking, they receive a letter from a woman who was childhood friends with all three women's husbands. In the letter, she lets the women know that she had run away with one of their husbands. She does not specify which one.

Because they're on this field trip, and this is during the pre-cell phone era, they have no way of finding out who's husband it is until the end of the day. They spend the day pondering memories they have with this woman that may indicate that it is their husband who's left with Addie.

Without spoiling the movie too much, I must say this was not what I expected from a movie of this time period. It was a movie about women, and for women. It wasn't just a comedy, or just a drama. It had legitimate statements to make about marriage.

I liked how very realistic it was. It talked about the difficulties men and women face together after marriage, like: shyness, finances, continuing to fall in love, getting along with each others' friends, and raising children. Ironically, it didn't really address trust. It was perfectly logical that these women wondered whether it was their husband: not because their husbands gave them copious reasons and histories to lead them to mistrust them, but because it was logical, and no one questioned their right wonder.

Conclusion: I recommend it.