Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Reading List: A Beginning

I feel compelled to read.

I want to be "widely read," but I am not. I have read a lot of Robin McKinley, Shakespeare, and other popular books, but my classical foundation is shakey at best. So, I have written a list of books "to-read" that I feel will make me a more mature and experienced reader.

As you read this list, answer me this question: Have you read any of these books? Is this a good list? What is missing? What shouldn't be there?

1.      Brave New World

2.      Catch 22

3.      1984

4.      Slaughterhouse 5

5.      The Golden Bowl

6.      The Sun Also Rises

7.      Heart of Darkness

8.      The Return of the King (I've already read The Fellowship and The Two Towers)

9.      Wuthering Heights

10.   Little Women

11.   Dune

12.   This Side of Paradise

13.   The Art of War

14.   The Count of Monte Cristo

15.   A Christmas Carol

16.   Anne of Green Gables

17.   Devil in the White City

18.   Siddhartha

19.   Les Miserable

20.   The Picture of Dorian Grey

21.   Romeo and Juliet (This one is a little embarrassing.)

22.   Winter’s Tale (Shakespeare)

23.   The Last of the Mohicans

24.   The Road (Cormac McCarthy)

25.   The Bell Jar

26.   The Hunchback of Notre Dam

27.   The Book Thief

What do you think? I honestly want some feedback, here. Once I get some feedback, I'll update the list and then give you reviews as I read!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Buckets of 42

There are a couple of things that I really want to do with my life before I die. Here is my actual bucket list:

1. Own a horse.
2. Own a dog.
3. Write books.
4. Own a farm. (These are obviously in no particular order).
5. Be on Conan O'Brian's show as a guest.
6. Meet Tina Fey.
7. Run a half marathon.
8. Hike the Appalachian trail.
9. Go to Germany.
10. Have a baby.
11. Learn to play a string instrument.
12. Fall in love one, last time.
13. Get a photograph into the National Geographic.
14. Be the voice of a cartoon character.
15. Have a vegetable/herb garden or greenhouse.
16. Have an orchard.
17. Learn to speak Spanish REALLY and fluently.
18. Learn to speak German, too.
19. Have grandchildren.
20. Die laughing.